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As a continuous business development effort, PT Dexa Energy constantly developing customers, markets, and business relationships in order to continue to grow. Currently we are carrying out several business development projects, including:

Development of Electric Vehicles
In the midst of business trends that are increasingly concerned about the Go Green environment, the emergence Electric vehicles as an alternative to fuel-fueled vehicles are becoming very attractive. Together with PT Wijaya Karya Manufaktur, PT Dexa Energy develops sales services (dealership) of GESITS electric motorbikes in the Central Java and DIY regions along with services after sales.

Development of New and Renewable Electrical Energy
New and renewable electrical energy in the future will also become part of the environment to be better. PT Dexa Energy is committed to participating in development of new renewable electrical energy either through the development of PLTS, PLTB, and PLTMH.

Development of Food and Beverage Business Network
PT Dexa Energy is developing a company in the food and beverage sector by setting up restaurants, coffee shops, as well as distribution of food and beverages processing on the island of Java. The nature of the food and beverage business that never dies, convinced us to build a stronger business network in the future.

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